News & Decisions

News And Decisions

We are representing a law school in New York City and advising the school on its real estate needs and faculty mortgage program.

We successfully represented an individual who acquired full ownership of a property in an adverse possession action.

We provide real estate counsel and advice to VitaCoco an international beverage company based in New York.

We represented an established French culinary studio seeking to expand in the United States.

We act as general counsel for a number of cooperatives and condominiums in New York City.

We are representing an individual who was defrauded by an attorney in forging the individual’s name on a deed and transferring the property to a third party.

We are defending an action on behalf of a land owner who is attempting to prevent an adjoining land owner from enforcing an easement agreement.

We are representing an incapacitated person who is the subject of a non-primary residence in landlord tenant court where the landlord is seeking to remove the incapacitated person from her home.

We are representing a number of foreign purchasers of real estate in New York City.

We have successfully represented a shareholder of a famous New York City restaurant in a dispute with his partner.

We represent a well known construction company, based in New York City, and handle all its contract and commercial claims.

We represented plaintiffs, residing outside of New York, seeking to obtain an order of attachment against assets of a New York resident and his companies which have allegedly engaged in fraudulent conveyances.

We represented numerous purchasers of condominium units at new developments in New York seeking to terminate their contracts and enforce their rights against Sponsors for failing to abide by the terms of their Purchase Agreements.

We successfully obtained the re-entry by a cooperative tenant to his apartment after being illegally locked out by the landlord.

We represented a New York Times Bestselling author seeking to recover the licensing rights to various literary works.

We negotiated the licensing of the “A-List Awards” which was used as part of an annual television show on the Bravo Channel.

We oversaw the handling of various estates on behalf of the deceased relatives of a famous American figure.

We represented a newly developed luxury condominium in Manhattan commenced suit against the sponsor for failing to properly construct the condominium and for violating various covenants, agreements and warranties to the condominium owners.

We represented a world recognized designer in the negotiation of agreements for the designer’s services in Asia.

We successfully litigated an employment discrimination suit on behalf of an employee of the St. Regis Hotel for damages relating to an attack against our client by another employee.

Prior & Current Representation

  • Successfully prevented a landlord from continuing a summary proceeding against an incapacitated person upon the alleged basis that the incapacitated person did not use her New York apartment as her primary residence. (25 West 68th St. LLC v. Lynch, 35 Misc.3d 138 (NY County 2012);
  • Obtained restraining order on behalf of a New York Times Bestselling author to prevent the unauthorized distribution of author’s works (Sabuda v. White Heat Ltd., Index #09 CV 4393 (SDNY 2009);
  • Represent international beverage distributor VitaCoco and provide general counsel relating to corporate, licensing, employment and distribution matters;
  • Represent international manufacturer of environmental emission reduction equipment on all United States affairs;
  • Obtained settlement on behalf of St. Regis Hotel employee subjected to sexual assault by co-worker (Castaian v. Zaytsev, Index #14151/06 , Sup.Ct.NY, County of Kings);
  • Represented independent film producer in distribution of award winning movie in the United States;
  • Represented individual buyer to recover down payment on purchase agreement at The Manhattan House Condominium. The Real Deal Article.
  • Negotiated agreement with NBC Universal for reality television program on behalf of SiriusXM radio personality Mary Occhino;
  • Represented the estates of the heirs of American composer Duke Ellington;
  • Provide general counsel and United States representation for Canadian based visual design entity Immersive Design Studios;
  • Successfully represented purchaser of luxury Manhattan condominium in terminating Purchase Agreement and obtaining refund of contract deposit (Glass v. 170 East End Avenue, Index #111820/08, Sup.Ct.NY, County of New York); The Real Deal Article.
  • Successfully represented client in trademark opposition proceeding brought by AIG before Trademark Trial and Appeal Board;
  • Recovered substantial settlement on behalf of a newly developed luxury condominium in Manhattan, against the sponsor, for failing to properly construct the condominium and for violating various covenants, agreements and warranties to the condominium owners (136 West 17th Street Condominium v. Billmar LLC, Index #600559/07, Sup.Ct.NY, County of New York);
  • Represented New York based hedge fund in complex proceeding involving theft of trade secrets and misappropriation of proprietary information (Icon Securities Corp. v. Cole Capital Corp., Index # 05 CV 0993 US District Court, Arizona 2005);
  • Obtained Restraining Order against HSBC which sought to foreclose against homeowner’s property without proper notice (HSBC Mortgage Corporation v. Mayer, Index #25744/08, Sup.Ct. NY, County of Westchester);
    Obtained dismissal of foreclosure proceeding filed by JP Morgan Chase for failure to properly follow due process of law (JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Gustavo, Index #113684/09, Sup.Ct. NY, County of New York);
  • Represent a non-profit foundation in the sale of its New York real estate and undertake appropriate applications to the Attorney General of the State of New York;
  • Represented individuals rejected by cooperative board in purchase of apartment and filed suit claiming racial discrimination. Ebanks, et al v. 39 East 19 Owners, et al, Index 01 CV 7453 (SDNY 2001);
  • Obtained settlement at trial of case arising from termination of plaintiff’s employment based on racial discrimination. Simmons v. Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., Index #96 CV 3873 (SDNY 1996);
  • Successfully obtained ruling on appellate level on behalf of client which sought to compel an arbitration of client’s claims for age discrimination. Crespo v. 160 West End Avenue Owners Corp., 253 A.D.2d 28; 687 N.Y.S.2d 79 (1st Dept. 1999).

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